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Through our Environmental Liberal Arts core, distinctive baccalaureate programs, and student-centered community, the University of Maine at Machias creates enriching educational opportunities that prepare graduates for professional success and lifelong engagement with the world. UMM embodies an active community of diverse learners who share a commitment to exploration, leadership, collaboration, and interdisciplinary problem solving. Inspired by our unique coastal location, UMM’s creative energy, applied research, and community engagement enhance the social, cultural, economic, and natural environments of the State of Maine.


UMM is Maine’s Coastal University. Our location on the Bold Coast—including the land and sea, communities and natural ecosystems—provides the context for a unique learning and living experience. UMM’s distinctive, high quality education centers on engaging students in the scientific, cultural, economic and social inquiry prompted by Maine’s Bold Coast region. We provide students with active learning opportunities and leadership development, featuring close mentoring and tight community connections. Students are engaged in intellectually rigorous and innovative campus and community experiences, including academically integrated campus service, community engagement, social diversity, mentored research, and professional internships.


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