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Dr. Valerie Herbert

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School of Nursing

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Fall 2022

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In addressing the potential for a creative writing practice to serve as an effective intervention against nurse burnout, we ask the following research question: In RNs who have practiced between 2-10 years, does participation in a creative writing program decrease burnout symptoms compared to nurses who do not participate within a time frame of one year. Burnout syndrome is a collective term that encompasses many subcategories that result in negative attitudes towards patients and coworkers, as well as increased turnover rates. Burnout syndrome was already a significant concern before the COVID-19 pandemic because of the high demand and stress of the nursing profession. Overall prevalence of burnout syndrome within healthcare professionals before the COVID-19 pandemic was 35.1% (Giacomo et al., 2021). However, research conducted on burnout syndrome rates following the COVID-19 pandemic show a rapid increase in psychological stressors that have been linked to burnout syndrome such as anxiety, depression, and loss of confidence. Addressing professional burnout necessitates interdisciplinary attention with an intervention such as creative writing that has been used successfully among other fields. A search of the literature was conducted within CINAHL, PubMed, and Google Scholar using the terms “burnout,” “creative writing,” “nursing,” and “interventions.” Results were limited to those published in peer-reviewed journals between the years 2017 and 2022. The original search resulted in hundreds of articles but was limited to sixteen that met the inclusion criteria. Research suggests the utilization of interdisciplinary interventions such as creative writing may be an efficacious solution to reducing burnout syndrome among the nursing profession.


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