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Dr. Valerie Herbert

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The project focuses on implementing preceptor education for those within the dedicated education unit clinical model and its correlation to increased student and preceptor satisfaction. Implementing Dedicated Education Units (DEU) aims to increase satisfaction within the learning environment, thus creating greater student engagement in the clinical experience. Nursing students who participated in the DEU model report positive learning experiences, increased self-confidence, supportive learning environments, teamwork and communication, and decreased cognitive loads and stress levels after participating in the DEU clinical experience. It is essential to have preceptors who have been well-prepared to involve students in the care they are providing while meeting students’ learning needs. A literature search utilizing relevant keywords was conducted, focused on nursing education, limiting articles from 2019-current. Providing effective education to nursing preceptors provides essential skills to be utilized during the DEU model, such as providing feedback, setting goals, therapeutic communication, and critical thinking. Nurse preceptors who receive adequate training are better equipped to serve as competent preceptors, improving satisfaction for students as well as preceptors.


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