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Dr. Valerie Herbert

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School of Nursing

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New graduate nurses are reporting gaps in clinical expertise and knowledge when transitioning from student to new graduate nurses. The student clinical experiences are paramount to the new graduate nurses' transition into practice. It is imperative that school of nursing (SON) programs and clinical settings collaborate to provide the best possible clinical experience. One clinical model that can be utilized is the dedicated education unit (DEU). In this work, I will demonstrate the clinical impact the DEU model has in increasing clinical expertise. This will be done by reviewing peer-reviewed articles that relate to the DEU clinical module, the traditional clinical module, and the new graduate transition. This evidence will be compiled to create a pilot DEU to support the learning gaps identified by newly graduated nurses. A hospital unit that can provide consistent staff as DEU mentors on the same day every week will need to be identified. A SON program and clinical group will need to join the pilot. Collaboration between hospital leadership and the SON will be essential to meet students' objectives. The development of the DEU will require education and training for the DEU mentors and clinical staff. This DEU training will need contribution from SON, including course and student objectives. The goal is to confirm both a clinical student group and an inpatient acute care unit for a DEU pilot clinical group.


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