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Kelley Strout

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School of Nursing

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Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) represents a pervasive mental health challenge globally, necessitating effective treatment approaches. This paper examines the efficacy of probiotic therapy compared to placebo in individuals diagnosed with MDD, addressing the PICOT question: In people diagnosed with MDD, what effect does probiotic therapy versus placebo have on their symptoms of depression? Through a review of six randomized controlled trials (RCTs), the study elucidates the potential of probiotics as adjunctive treatments for MDD. Findings indicate that probiotic interventions may yield improvements in depression symptoms, reflecting promising avenues for complementary therapeutic strategies. However, variations in study designs and probiotic strains necessitate further investigation to delineate optimal interventions. This research underscores the importance of exploring innovative approaches, such as targeting gut health, to augment existing treatments and improve outcomes for individuals with MDD.


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