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Damian Brady

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School of Marine Sciences

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This is the dataset for the manuscript "Shifts in habitat, habitat use, and demography of American lobsters in coastal Maine over the past quarter century." Our study revisited 20 long-term monitored sites at 10 m depth along more than 320 km of the Gulf of Maine. Sampling used quadrat sampling via scuba divers. We recorded fundamental changes in lobster habitat use and distribution. The data include count, size, sex, number of claws, and shelter use of lobster in addition to substrate type, percent cover of kelp and other macroalgae. The data are included in six .csv format files: (1) data from 1993-1995, (2) 1996-2000, (3) 2019, (4) 2021, (5) study site locations revisited in 2019 and 2021, and (6) metadata describing the other files. Zipped folder containing datafiles is found in “Additional Files” at DigitalCommons@UMaine.


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