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Dr. Valerie Herbert

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School of Nursing

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When caring for dementia patients as inpatients at the hospital, the methods by which you treat the patient and manage their symptoms are varied. Often there are two methods of treating exacerbations and agitation: pharmacological and non-pharmacological. This literature review sought to examine the effect of including supplemental non-pharmacological techniques in managing inpatient dementia related behaviors. A literature search was conducted using CINAHL and NRCP using the following terms: inpait*, dement*, alzehei*, nonpharm*, interventions. Initial results resulted in 15 articles. After review, results were filtered to be within the past six years and a total of 12 articles met inclusion criteria. The evidence supports the use of supplemental non-pharmacological interventions as results showed that patients responded to non-pharmacological interventions such as talk and calming physical interaction helped reduce dementia related behaviors. Limitations of this review include limited sample size. Based on these findings, supplemental non-pharmacological interventions help reduce dementia related behaviors in inpatient dementia patients.


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