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Dr Patricia Poirier

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School of Nursing

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The United States has an ever-increasing older adult population, with nearly one-fifth of US citizens over the age of 65 (United States Census Bureau, 2022). America is already in need of nurses trained to work with aging patients and that need is only expected to grow. Many registered nurses (RNs) choose specialties other than gerontological care, with only approximately four percent of RNs currently working in long-term care facilities or retirement or nursing homes (Smiley et al., 2021). Nursing students often, knowingly or unknowingly, have preconceived notions of older adults or older patients that can affect their interest, or lack thereof, in seeking employment in gerontological care. Methods to help reduce ageism and knowledge deficits, such as with the implementation of gerontology-specific nursing courses, should be considered in an effort to increase the number of graduate nurses who choose to work with older patients, no matter the setting.