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Dr. Valerie Herbert

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School of Nursing

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Spring 3-24-2023

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Metabolic control and gestational diabetes can have significant impact on the health outcomes of new mothers and their newborns. This literature review focused on specifically on prenatal education and the impact to achieve adequate glycemic and metabolic control that affect health outcomes of women and their newborn. The goal of this literature review is to highlight the impact education has on gestational diabetes, and to promote positive health outcomes during pregnancy and postpartum. The CINAHL database was used to search the literature using keywords gestational diabetes, education, and patient outcomes. Exclusion criteria included women previously diagnosed with diabetes mellitus, and publications prior to 2017. The literature supports that with routine prenatal checkups that included prenatal education, there is a decrease in gestational diabetes occurring either during pregnancy or in the postpartum period. Recommendations include providing education and resources to the patient during routine checkups to optimize their health. Adequate metabolic control in women with gestational diabetes has been directly related to proper patient teaching. Patients who have achieved a better understanding of their condition were associated with better health outcomes throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Patient teaching directly involves conversation about dietary restrictions, activity levels and monitoring glucose levels. Prenatal education provides the patient with an opportunity to learn about predisposed conditions, such as gestational diabetes. With education and awareness, the patient and healthcare team allows for a proactive care plan.


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