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Jessica Leahy

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School of Forest Resources


Jessica Leahy

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Summer 5-28-2020

Abstract/ Summary

Through conversations with Dr. Sara Velardi, a postdoctoral research associate who has been doing research on maple producers’ scale management decisions in Maine, most current owners and operators in the maple syrup industry have the common interest of expanding their current operations, but they are unsure of how to approach that problem. Due to these current issues, my research focused on creating a sugarbush assessment tool. This assessment tool consists of a set of guidelines which can be utilized by current or future producers and can be used to easily assess woodlots without having to hire a consulting forester to do the assessment for them. Through a meta-analysis of the available research, and interviews, I created the most up-to-date and succinct resource that can be utilized by maple syrup producers. This will allow them to expand their current operations, saving them time, energy, and money. The assessment tool will be created as a guidebook, with the different characteristics I have identified along with the optimal ranges for each of the characteristics that indicate the productiveness of the woodlot. Included along with this guidebook is an equation that will provide the user with a suitability rating of the woodlots potential to transition into a sugarbush.


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