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Eric Dow is a boatbuilder in the small coastal town of Brooklin, ME. He has built many boats in various styles since he began while in high school in the early 1970s. He currently owns one of several boat shops in Brooklin where he still makes wooden and fiberglass peapods and other small boats. Brooklin is a small community (population about 800) on the coast of Maine, south of Blue Hill and west of Mount Desert Island. The town advertises itself, despite its small size, as “The boat building capital of the world” as nearly everyone in town has built, is building, or plans to build a boat. Several families build boats and have passed on the traditional knowledge of boat building for several generations. In short, the idea of boat building has created an identity for the community.


Brooklin, Maine, boats, peapods, storyteller, Pauleena MacDougall, "Building Peapods"


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