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A four-panel black and white comic strip drawn and authored by Tom Higgins expressing sexist gender stereotypes.

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Panel one depicts two white, men characters from the mid-chest up as they stand behind a brick wall. In the foreground, a young, white woman character with exaggeratedly large breasts and unrealistically small waist, strides past the two male figures with a purse over one shoulder. The woman is dressed in short-shorts and a tight tube-top that exposes her midriff and décolletage. The woman hair is styled in a short, 1980s punk pompadour.

Behind the wall, the two, college-age men lean forward. One man is a macho-looking athlete wearing a t-shirt emblazened with a capital letter "M" and blonde hair in a crewcut. The athlete's eyes are wide and popping as he looks at the woman. His tongue lolls out of his mouth as he lustfully drools. A speech bubble over his head shows the word, 'WOW!' in capital letters and the "O" drawn like a target.

The man to the athlete's left is wearing a jacket with pin-back buttons decorating the front and is making a frown as he give he athlete the side-eye. His hair is a long, 1980s flat top style.

Panel two shows the woman exiting stage left as the athlete leans his arms on the top of the brick wall, continuing to leer at the woman. The man to his left looks at the athlete with a passive expression. A speech bubble over the athlete's head says: "Man I wish Darlene Kitty was my girl" followed by three exclamation marks.

Panel three shows the athlete leaning both of his elbows on the top of the brick wall as his forearms laying in a relaxed position. He looks at the man he is with. His eyes are hooded and mouth closed in an expression that suggests his friend is a killjoy. The second man raises his left hand expressively. A speech bubble over his head says, "I don't know, Tank, I heard she's been around the block a few times" followed by three exclamation marks

Panel four shows the athlete, Tank, responding with a large smile as his friend's face shows open-mouthed shock. The speech bubble over Tank's head reads: "That's O.K., I like women who keep in shape!"


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