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A four-panel black and white comic strip drawn and authored by Tom Higgins depicting a homophobic athlete. Long Description.

Panel one depicts two figures in bed in a darkened room. In the background there is a shelf lined with trophies that speak to the macho, athletic background of the room's primary male occupant. The athletic male figure is depicted seated in bed, bare chested with a blonde crewcut. He is looking at a sleeping bearded figure next to him in confusion. The athlete's confusion is emphasized by a short series of question marks and an exclamation mark hanging over his head. The sleeping figure beside him is depicted with long hair, a beard and mustache, suggesting that the figure is male. On the floor beside the bed is a piece of crumpled clothing and a single high-heel shoe.

Panel two, the sleeping, bearded figure wakes and stretches with a yawn, still covered by a rumpled blanket. The athlete cowers behind his the blanket he has pulled up to his nose. Sweat beads fly around his head as he stares wide-eyed at the waking figure. The room background setting is the same.

Panel three shows the formerly sleeping bearded figure standing beside the bed, pulling on a robe and slipping into the high-heel shoes. The cowering athlete is drawn with exaggerated, raised eye brows and a large exclamation mark of surprise over his head. The back of the robe pulled on by the bearded figure bears the script lettering: "Ding A'Ling Bros. Circus Bearded Lady" and a portrait of the bearded figure below the lettering. The woman's identity is reinforced by a printed caption "Bearded Lady" and a dotted-line arrow pointing to the figure, making certain the viewer understands that the sleeping bearded figure was, in fact, a female.

Panel four shows a close up of the macho athlete bare chested with an expression of relief on his face. His eyes are half-closed and cheeks puffed out as he exhales a breath cloud superimposed with the word, "Whew!" A thought bubble beside the athlete's head contains the lettering, "I knew I wasn't that drunk last night" followed by two exclamation marks.


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