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Four-panel comic strip penned by Maine Campus staff member Tom Higgins. Long-description follows: Panel 1. The scene is on a sidewalk in an outdoor setting. Pillowy clouds dot the sky. An academic-looking building is in the background. Walking past "Tank," a muscular, straight, white, cis-gender male with flat-top haircut is on a sidewalk is a line of knee-high, non-gender specific individuals dressed in leotards and tutus, carrying star-topped wands on their shoulders and wearing spiked helmets or Pickelhaube, worn by members of the German military during the second reich. One of the knee-high individuals is turned toward the character "Tank," hitting him in the knee with a star-topped wand as "Tank" responds, "Ow!" Panel 2. The same background scene. A second knee-high individual had turned toward the character "Tank" and is kicking him in the other knee. "Tank" responds, "Ow! Ouch!" as the comic strip's secondary character, "Tank's" room mate, "Irwng," appears on the right margin of the panel, smiling as he watches the assault on "Tank." Panel 3. The same background scene. "Irwng" has stepped fully into view as the last knee-high character marches out of the scene behind the line of identical characters. Heat waves hover over "Tank's" flat-top haircut and radiating lines encircle his knees to indicate where he was struck. Irwng, a thin character wearing a suit with a turned up collar says, "Hey Tank! ..... Who are they???" Panel 4. The same background scene. The star-topped wand and edge of the tutu worn by the last member of the parade of knee-high figures, can just be seen on the right margin of the panel. Eyes wide, "Tank" says, "That's the Wilde-Stein Liberation Army!!!" To which Irwng responds, "Yuk. Yuk" holding his stomach as he laughs.


Extract from full edition available in Digital Commons. Libraries and archives collect materials from different cultures and time periods to preserve and make available the historical record. As a result, library materials, such as those presented here, may reflect racist and homophobic views that may be harmful and difficult to view.


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