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Spring 1993

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The burgeoning literature on feminist pedagogy has led many of us to examine critically not only what we teach in our courses, but how we teach. Struggling to create a learning environment that empowers all students, feminist faculty have been particularly concerned with the structure and dynamics of the classroom, the personal and emotional impact of course materials, and the development of teaching methods that facilitate personal and social change. While such concerns are certainly germane to any feminist classroom, I believe they are particularly salient in courses that center on sensitive topics such as domestic violence. The emotional intensity of the subject, the strong sense of powerlessness many students feel, and the high proportion of survivors who enroll in such courses, all produce a unique set of challenges to those teaching in this field. For example, how do we talk about domestic violence without revictimizing members of the class who have experienced it? How can we counteract feelings of hopelessness and despair, which intensify as we explore one form of domestic violence after another?

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Gardner, S. (1993). Teaching about Domestic Violence: Strategies for Empowerment. NWSA Journal, 5(1), 94-102.

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