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Inelastic scattering plays an important role in ocean optics. The main inelastic scattering mechanisms include Raman scattering, fluorescence by colored dissolved organic matter (FDOM), and fluorescence by chlorophyll. This paper reports an implementation of all three inelastic scattering mechanisms in the exact vector radiative transfer model for coupled atmosphere and ocean Systems (CAOS). Simulation shows that FDOM contributes to the water radiation field in the broad visible spectral region, while chlorophyll fluorescence is limited in a narrow band centered at 685 nm. This is consistent with previous findings in the literature. The fluorescence distribution as a function of depth and viewing angle is presented. The impacts of fluorescence to the degree of linear polarization (DoLP) and orientation of the polarization ellipse (OPE) are studied. The DoLP is strongly influenced by inelastic scattering at wavelengths with strong inelastic scattering contribution. The OPE is less affected by inelastic scattering but it has a noticeable impact, in terms of the angular region of positive polarization, in the backward direction. This effect is more apparent for deeper water depth.

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Zhai P.-W., Y. Hu, D. Winker, B. Franz, J. Werdell, and E. Boss, 2017. Vector radiative transfer model for coupled atmosphere and ocean systems including inelastic sources in ocean waters. Optics Express, 25, 8

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