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Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom

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A new species of Cladorhizidac, front the Aleutian Islands is described and compared with all known species of Cladorhizza worldwide. Cladorhiza corona sp. now has a unique growth form with two planes of differently shaped appendages. Appendages are Inserted directly at the stalk; a spherical or conical body at the stalk is lacking. It is the only species reported where different spicule types occur in three morphologically different areas of the sponge. The spiculation of the basal plate is characterized by the occurrence of short, thick anisoxcas and the lack of anisochelae. Anisochelac arc found in the stalk and the basal appendages only. Flattened sigmancistras and (sub-)tylostyles are restricted to the crown. The arrangement of spicules is different in the basal plate, the stalk with the basal appendages, and in the distal append ages. The dimensions and combination of spicule types separate C. corona sp. nov. from all known members of the genus.

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Lehnert H, Watling L, Stone R. Cladorhiza corona sp. nov. (Porifera : Demospongiae : Cladorhizidae) from the Aleutian Islands (Alaska). Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 2005;85(6): 1359-1366. Available on publisher's site at

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