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Inlinino is an open-source software data logger whose main purpose is to log scientific measurements collected during extended periods at sea. Here, we present an application of this software to data collected with commercial instrumentation. Inlinino also provides real-time visualization of the recorded observations, which helps users troubleshoot instruments in the field and prevents the collection of bad data. Inlinino is written in Python and runs on regular computers for instruments that have a serial interface. For less than $57, we built a separate data acquisition module—a precision analog-to-serial converter—for interfacing instruments that output analog signals to Inlinino. Inlinino was designed for optical sensors but can be used with any environmental sensor that communicates through analog or serial ports. The code is sufficiently modular that anyone with moderate coding skills can add new sensors. To date, Inlinino has been deployed successfully on several research vessels and logged more than 650 days of operation.

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Haëntjens, N., and E. Boss. 2020. Inlinino: A modular software data logger for oceanography. Oceanography 33(1):80–84,

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