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Applied Optics

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Raman scattering can be a significant contributor to the emergent radiance spectrum from the surface ocean. Here, we present an analytical approach to directly estimate the Raman contribution to remote sensing reflectance, and evaluate its effects on optical properties estimated from two common semi analytical inversion models. For application of the method to ocean color remote sensing, spectral irradiance products in the ultraviolet from the OMI instrument are merged with MODerate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) data in the visible. The resulting global fields of Raman-corrected optical properties show significant differences from standard retrievals, particularly for the particulate backscattering coefficient, bbp, where average errors in clear ocean waters are ∼50%. Given the interest in transforming bbp into biogeochemical quantities, Raman scattering must be accounted for in semi analytical inversion schemes.

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Westberry, T. K., E. Boss, and ZP Lee, 2013. Influence of Raman scattering on ocean color inversion models. Applied Optics, 52, No. 22, 5552-5561.

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