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Applied Optics

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Accurate calculation of underwater light is fundamental to predictions of upper-ocean heating, primary production, and photo-oxidation. However, most ocean models simulating these processes do not yet incorporate radiative transfer modules for their light calculations. Such models are often driven by abovesurface, broadband, daily averaged irradiance or photosynthetically available radiation (PAR) values obtained from climatology or satellite observations, sometimes without correction for sea-surface reflectance, even though surface reflectance can reduce in-water values by more than 20%. We present factors computed by a radiative transfer code that can be used to convert above-surface values in either energy or quantum units to in-water net irradiance, as needed for calculations of water heating, and to inwater PAR, as needed for calculations of photosynthesis and photo-oxidation.

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Mobley, Curtis D. and Emmanuel S. Boss, 2012. Improved irradiances for use in ocean heating, primary production, and photo-oxidation calculations, Applied Optics, Vol. 51, No. 27, 6549-6560.

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