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Applied Optics

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We present a method to quantify the uncertainties in the in-water constituent absorption and backscattering coefficients obtained from an inversion of remotely sensed reflectance (rrs). We first find a set of positive inversion solutions within a given uncertainty range around the values of the inverted rrs. The uncertainties of the solutions are then computed based on the statistics of these solutions. We demonstrate the uncertainty calculation algorithm using a specific semianalytic inversion model applied to both a field and a simulated data set. When the associated uncertainties are taken into account, the inverted parameters are generally within the uncertainties of the measured (or simulated) parameters, highlighting the success of the inversion and the method to obtain uncertainties. The specific inversion we use, however, fails to retrieve two spectral parameters within a usable range. The method presented is general and can be applied to all existing semianalytical inversion algorithms.

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This article was published in Applied Optics, Vol. 44, No. 19, 2005

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