Submissions from 2019


Valuing the Economic Benefits of Conservation Land in Downeast Maine, Lesley Lichko, Mindy Crandall, Tora Johnson, and Adam Daigneault

Submissions from 2016


Economic Contribution of Maine’s Forest Products Industry, 2014 and 2016 (estimated), Mindy Crandall and James L. Anderson III


Public Access to Private Land: Research Summary, Jessica Leahy

Submissions from 2015


A Community Guide to Starting & Running a Wood Bank, Sabrina Vivian and Jessica Leahy

Submissions from 2012


Two Maine Forest Pests: A Comparison of Approaches to Understanding Threats to Hemlock and Ash Trees in Maine, Darren Ranco, Amy Arnett, Erika Latty, Alysa Remsburg, Kathleen Dunckel, Erin Quigley, Rob Lillieholm, John Daigle, Bill Livingston, Jennifer Neptune, and Theresa Secord

Books from 2011

Wildlife, Forests, and Forestry: Principles of Managing Forests for Biological Diversity, Malcolm L. Hunter Jr. and Fiona K A Schmiegelow

Forest growth and yield modeling, Aaron R. Weiskittel, David W. Hann, John A. Kershaw Jr, and Jerome K. Vanclay

Submissions from 2008


A Revolutionary Model to Improve Science Education, Teachers, and Scientists, Susan H. Brawley, Judith Pusey, Barbara J.W. Cole, Lauree E. Gott, and Stephen A. Norton


Maine’s Climate Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, George L. Jacobson, Ivan J. Fernandez, Paul A. Mayewski, and Catherine V. Schmitt

Lignin Carbohydrate Complexes in Softwood and Chemical Pulps, Martin Lawoko

Submissions from 2007


Alternative Large-Scale Conservation Visions for Northern Maine: Interviews with Decision Leaders in Maine, Elizabeth Dennis Baldwin, Laura S. Kenefic, and Will F. LaPage


Forging a Common Vision for Maine’s North Woods, Robert J. Lilieholm


Nature-based Tourism in Maine: The State’s Role in Promoting a Strong Tourism Industry, Elizabeth Munding and John Daigle

Books from 2005


Diameter-Limit Cutting and Silviculture in Northeastern Forests: A Primer for Landowners, Practitioners and Policymakers, Laura S. Kenefic and Ralph D. Nyland

Books from 2004

Martens and Fishers (Martes) in Human-Altered Environments: An International Perspective, Daniel J. Harrison Editor, Angela K. Fuller Editor, and Gilbert Proulx Editor

Books from 2003

Wood Deterioration and Preservation: Advances in Our Changing World, Barry Goodell Editor, Darrel D. Nicholas Editor, and Tor P. Schultz Editor

Submissions from 1993


Academia in the Northern Forest Lands Debate: Research Versus Chronic Brushfires, David B. Field