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Tourism is the world's fastest growing industry. In Maine alone, tourism surpasses the economic impact of fisheries and aquaculture combined. Tourists themselves are increasingly searching for travel options that make positive contributions to the places they love to visit. More and more travelers, both locals and visitors, are looking for experiences that promote responsible travel while contributing to economic development in local communities. Yet how can local tourism businesses or destinations afford to green their own practices while successfully tapping into this growing market? The need for technical and business development resources dedicated to enhancing sustainable tourism in the Gulf of Maine has been recognized by state, provincial and federal agencies, municipalities, economic development groups, businesses and many others throughout our region. A Resource Guide for Sustainable Tourism will help the Downeast/Acadia and Charlotte County, New Brunswick, region become a leader in the rapidly growing market for sustainable tourism opportunities. The Resource Guide will foster sustainable maritime activities in the Gulf of Maine and help tourism operators become citizen stewards by providing resources that help them green their operations while enhancing their economic potential.


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