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Sipayik Environmental Department

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Pleasant Point, Maine

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In 2017, Sipayik Environmental Department staff conducted a abundance and distribution study, using a mark-recapture method study focusing on the American eel ( Anguillla rostrata ), a species of cultural importance to the Passamaquoddy. The study’s focus area, the Pennamaquan Watershed, spans from its northernmost extent in Pembroke, Maine, south to Charlotte, Maine.This was the first time since 2005 that the Passamaquoddy Tribe studied the American eel. The 2005 study observed preferred eel habitat and migration routes on the dam at little river located in Perry Maine, 7 miles east of the Pennamaquan Lake. It also served as a pilot project to test different mediums for eel passage. The Tribe has interest in continuing research efforts on eels as they once provided a vital food source in the traditional diet of the Passamaquoddy before colonization. Eels now contribute to a glass eel fishery that is highly sought after by state and tribal fisherman.


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