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Local history, Sea urchin fishery, Fishing, Fishermen, Cosmetology, Local bands


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SALT. Published by the Salt Center for Documentary Field Studies. “Marim works in Maine’s new booming urchin industry. Pickers like her, divers, and processors rake in the profits.”


  • 3 Nineteen Pine Street The Salt Center is organizing a major photographic retrospective.
  • 6 Urchins! Urchin beds on the ledges off Maine’s coastline rival the gold fields of California for making a quick buck. Maine’s newest fishery industry sends a crop to Japan that was worthless seven years ago. Divers, buyers, pickers, and processors pocket the profits.
  • 15 Picking Uni for Japan Picking urchin roe, called “uni” in Japan, is hard work that can earn up to $1,000 a week for the Southeast Asians and other immigrants who do it. A photo essay by David Gavril.
  • 31 Diving the Ledges of Casco Bay Divers are the adventurers in the urchin industry. Some learn to conquer the risks and some don’t. Photo essay by Andree Kehn.
  • 36 The Beauty Escape If you are young and female and not very rich and live in a small Maine town, beauty school can be your way out and up. The escape route for rural girls that the military has been for rural boys.
  • 48 Marsh People People who are creatures of the 3,000-acre Scarborough Marsh see it through different eyes than people with picture windows.
  • 62 Community Bands Maine has its share of community bands that are long on spirit, short of wind, and bound by friendships, like the Boothbay Harbor Alumni Community Band and the Hallowell Community Band.


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