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SALT telling Maine stories. Published by the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies. Number 63 / 64. 2006-2007.


  • 6 Island Time a photo essay by Rebecca Stewart. On Eagle Island, the days pass essentially the same as they have for generations. Helen and Bob Quinn, and their grandson, Sam, spend their days cooking, lobstering, and exploring.
  • 14 When Josh Got Sick a photo essay by Kim Alexander On June 17, 2004, Josh Howe collapsed in his living room. Later that day doctors removed a plum sized tumor from his brain that had been growing there since birth. Morgan, Josh’s little sister, has often been upset, isolated, and frustrated since Josh got sick.
  • 20 Through the Body a photo essay by Hannah Fox. A twelve, Karen Montanaro realized that she wanted to dance for the rest of her life. Since, then, she has performed and taught as a dancer and a mime, and her curiosity and enthusiasm are present wherever she goes.
  • 28 To Love and to Care For a photo essay by Christine Shanahan. Jessi Misslin, Andres Gonzalez
  • 36 In Each Other’s Corner a photo essay by Annie Reichert. Jay Jack and Amanda Buckner practice tough love. On any given day, they routinely kick, punch, and try to strangle each other as the co-owners of the Academy of Mixed Martial Arts in Portland.
  • 44 M.O.M. a photo essay by Elizabeth Massa. Olivia Rynbert-Going lives with her Mama, Mary Going, and her Momo, Matha Rynbert in a green house on top of Munjoy Hill in Portland. This summer, Olivia, Martha, Mary, their cats, and Gracie the dog will pack up the house and move to Berkeley, California.
  • 52 Alumni Interviews
  • 56 Heart Full of Spirit, Shoulder Full of Steel an essay by Bridget Huber, photos by Amber Knowles. It’s Friday night at the Jesus Party, a kids’ church in Lewiston, Maine. Urban missionary Doug Taylor stands before sixty kids who are vying for the title “Best Worshipper” so that they can take home five pounds of gummy bears.
  • 68 Mamma Bear Politicking an essay by Beatrice Marovich, photos by Elizabeth Massa. Pat LaMarche has run for Governor of Maine twice, and has been the Vice Presidential nominee for the United States Green Party. Her sense of duty to her country has driven her all the way across America, and her devotion to her children has always brought her back home to Maine.
  • 72 Growing Up Little an essay by Posey Gruener, photos by Nayan Tara Kakshapati Rick and Barbara Spiegel are little people. They are also the parents of a baby girl, and they’re bracing themselves for the day when they’ll have to tell her, “You’re different. Just like us.”
  • 82 Preservation With Clapboard Gaps an essay by Douglas W. Milliken, photos by Gabriel Caffrey. Scott Hatch, self-proclaimed barn wright and owner of the Barn Wright, Inc., lets the barns tell him what they need. A barn wright must be proficient in rigging, excavation, stone masonry, and timber framing in order to realign, re-stabilize, and restore a barn. With these four trades, Scott and his crew can save any barn.


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