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Local history, Restaurants and Diners, Consumerism, Rural Life, Popular Culture, Folklore, Forestry, Logging, Loggers, Tourism, Public Art, Folk Music, Musicians, Entertainment, Gambling, Gaming, High Stakes Bingo, Penobscot Nation, Junkyards, Reuse Economy, Code Enforcement


Human Ecology | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Sociology of Culture | Work, Economy and Organizations


The magazine about the really important people of Maine. Folk Culture. Popular Culture. Bingo. Junkyards. Folk Music. Big Paul Bunyan, Maine “folk hero,” is an ad salesman’s product. His nemesis stands in the heart of the great North Woods.


  • 3 Eating in Maine If you want to eat where the locals eat, this is where you’ll find them-where prices are right and the talk is familiar.
  • 9 View from Pier Road
  • 10 We Are What We Buy L.L. Bean and the Beans of Egypt) Maine have some things in common) says George Lewis) a sociologist and Maine native. We are creatures of the culture we create and consume.
  • 12 Will the Real Statue Please Stand Up Two monuments celebrate the feats of Maine woodsmen. One is Bangor’s Paul Bunyan) dreamed up by an ad salesman. The other was put up by woodsmen themselves.
  • 25 Inner Maine A photographic essay by Dave Read. Small town Maine. Its people, its places, its habits, as seen by one who grew up there.
  • 33 Folk That’s Show Biz Schooner fare is a folk group that gives a new beat to old songs that were almost forgotten. Their mission: to give the songs back to the people in a contemporary setting.
  • 44 Bingo Fever On a hot July day, almost 700 people converged on Indian Island to play Bingo for twelve solid hours. They brought good luck charms and Bingo Fever!
  • 54 The Junkyards of Manicured Maine New middle class Maine wants old rural Maine to clean up its act. Get rid of the junk in their yards. It’s a battle between social classes, and between city and country values.


SALT, Inc.


Kennebunkport, Maine



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