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Local history, Poverty, Rural Poverty, Rural Life, Adult Literacy, Functional Illiteracy, Family Histories, Parenting, Community Assistance, Social Services, Senior Citizens, Welfare, Social Work, At Risk Youth, Restaurants and Diners


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The magazine about the really important people of Maine. Special Issue: Rural Poverty in Maine — What Does It Mean? One in every five rural Mainers is poor. Like Monica, struggling to get by. Christmas rubs in the difference between having plenty and little.

  • 5 View from Pier Road
  • 8 Being Poor in Rural Maine One in every five Mainers is poor. The numbers are growing even in today’s job market. Salt tells the story of the rural poor in Maine through their words and lives.
  • 10 Portraits Lauretta Elie and Emily Kinney have two things in common. They were labeled “dumb” as children and never learned to read. Now as adults they know they are not dumb.
  • 16 Piecing Together a Year: the Bubiers The Bubier family of Perry in Washington County piece together a year of income from seasonal work. They are among the fastest growing group of poor in Maine, adults between the ages of 18 and 44 who can’t get by on what they make.
  • 33 Monica A photographic esaay by Pam Berry. Monica lives in a schoolbus with her daughter while she builds a house for the future. And a baby is born.
  • 42 Making the Rounds Salt follows a social worker, Maurice Geoffroy on his rounds to the elderly, to welfare mothers, to families with handicapped children, to people laid off from work and to an AID’s victim.
  • 56 Kristin’s Schools Kristin Myers is at risk of dropping out from school systems that started flunking her in kindergarten. Will she stay or will she get too discouraged?
  • 62 Eating in Maine Where can you eat in Maine without feeling overwhelmed by outsiders or worrying about the size of your wallet? Here's where.


SALT, Inc.


Kennebunkport, Maine



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