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Erica Vermette is an artist living in Massachusetts. She grew up there on the South Shore and studied painting and drawing at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where she received her BFA. Her collection of paintings, "Archive I: Family," featured on the inaugural cover of Résonance, grew out of an annual weekend gathering of Franco writers and artists in Walpole, Maine, in April 2016. The piece now hangs above a fireplace mantel at the Franco American Centre at the University of Maine in Orono. In a 2016 description of the piece, Vermette writes: "The format was chosen as a deliberate reference to quilting. I wanted to allude to textiles and the fiber arts for two reasons: because of the incredible importance of the textile industry and mills in Franco American history, and because the fiber arts have been so central to the way my Franco heritage has been passed down to me. The 'quilt' format seemed especially appropriate, conjuring notions of tradition, inherited memory, and collaboration." Vermette participated in an interview with Résonance reviews editor, Jacob Albert, over email correspondence during several days in January 2019.