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Physical Review (Series I)


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In the Physical Review, Vol. II, No. 4 and Vol. III., No. 6, is described a series of important experiments which show the relation between temperature and elasticity in wire. In one of the papers the statement was made that the results seem to indicate that the magnetizing effect of the current through the wire increases the modulus of elasticity. The increase in temperature in the wire was produced by sending a current directly through it, and also by sending a current through the helix that surrounded it. The author stated that "the magnetization produced by the first method had no appreciable effect on the result, and that if there is any difference in the effects produced upon the elasticity of a wire by magnetizing it, that difference is too small to be detected with any certainty by this experiment."

This paper contains the results of some experiments whose object was to test the effect of magnetization upon the modulus of elasticity by the application of interference methods of measurement.

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Stevens, J. S., & Dorsey, H. G. (1899). The Effect of Magnetization Upon the Elasticity of Rods. Physical Review (Series I), 9(2), 116–120.




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