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Physical Review (Series I)


American Physical Society

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Problems which have for their object a study of the changes produced in metals when magnetized have, during the past fifty years, received attention from physicists. It is thought that if a thorough investigation of the subject could be made, much light would be thrown upon the phenomenon of magnetization, and even the theory of the constitution of matter. Historical notes relating to this problem may be found in the Physical Review, Vol. III, No. 15, and Vol. V., No. 5. The results of various investigators agree fairly well as to the maximum elongation of a rod or wire when saturated. There seems, however, to remain some difference of opinion concerning the behavior of rods under states of magnetization below the saturation point. If the general proposition that the change depends largely upon the kind and condition of the metal used may be assumed as correct, these discrepancies may be accounted for.

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Stevens, J. S. (1898). An Application of Interference Methods to a Study of the Changes Produced in Metals by Magnetization. Physical Review (Series I), 7(1), 19–26.




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