Books from 2019

Gandhi After 9/11: Creative Nonviolence and Sustainability, Douglas Allen


Derek Michaud on "What Norms and Values Define Excellent Philosophy of Religion?", Derek A. Michaud


John Smith on the Immortality of the Soul, Derek A. Michaud


The Legacy of a 'Living Library': The Transatlantic Reception of John Smith, Derek A. Michaud


Varieties of Spiritual Sense: Cusanus and John Smith, Derek A. Michaud

Books from 2018

Birth of Sense: Generative Passivity in Merleau-Ponty’s Philosophy, Donald Beith

Submissions from 2017


Preparation for Natural Theology: With Kant's Notes and the Danzig Rational Theology Transcript, Derek A. Michaud


Reason Turned into Sense: John Smith on Spiritual Sensation, Derek A. Michaud


Returning to Reality: Christian Platonism for our Times, Paul Tyson, Derek A. Michaud

Books from 2015

Good Gardener?: Nature, Humanity and the Garden, Annette Giesecke Editor and Naomi M. Jacobs Editor

Books from 2011

John Dewey's Great Debates--Reconstructed, Shane Ralston

Books from 2008

The Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi for the Twenty-first Century, Douglas Allen Editor

Books from 2006

Comparative Philosophy and Religion in Times of Terror, Douglas Allen Editor

Books from 2004

Heidegger, Hölderlin, and the Subject of Poetic Language: Toward a New Poetics of Dasein, Anna Anna Gosetti-Ferencei

Phenomenology of Religious Life, Martin Heidegger, Matthias Fritsch Translator, and Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei Translator

Books from 2003

After the Palace Burns, Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei

Books from 2002

Myth and Religion in Mircea Eliade, Douglas Allen

Books from 2001

Socialism, Michael W. Howard Editor

Mountain of Silence: A Search for Orthodox Spirituality, Kyriacos C. Markides