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Two undated letters from J.S. Lemont to her son Frank L. Lemont. These letters were probably produced in Greene, Maine but there is no envelope or written evidence to solidly confirm this. They are also undated and most likely (as Bean writes in both his transcript and a piece of scrap paper) were written in late May or early June of 1862 based on the events mentioned in the letters. In the first letter she focuses mainly on her feelings about missing him and that the war was over, bearing a very sorrowful burden because of his being gone and how most everyone in the family also feels the same. She also makes note that Josie (his sister) is still ill since the last letter she sent.

The second letter also focuses on the family's desire that the war end quickly so he may return home. She also comments that they would be glad if he were wounded simply so he could return home. It is along these lines that she makes note of her growing interest in the Army and the developments thereof because of his service.

Taken from the Paul W. Bean Collection, Box no. 277, f.8


Summer 6-1862

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Greene, ME


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Included along with each letter is a transcript written by Paul W. Bean. Both are included in the same PDF scanned with the transcript below each finished letter to let the researcher decide whether or not to use Bean's transcript as a reading aid. Also included are notes that Bean made on a scratch piece of paper indicating his thoughts on when these letters were produced.

An updated transcript of both letters has been included for the benefit of the researcher.

Letters from J.S. Lemont to Frank L. Lemont (undated) 1862



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