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Letter from Frank L. Lemont to his mother J.S. Lemont, November 7, 1862. In it he encourages his mother and urges her to stay strong through the difficult times, especially in the face of new danger with a potential battle on the horizon near Richmond. He also queries about the little things going on at home and his desire to hear more from his sisters.

Taken from the Paul W. Bean Collection, Box no. 277, f.5


Winter 11-7-1862


Camp, 5th Maine Regt., White Plains, Virginia


Environment, Civil War, Home Front, letters, letter from home, Frank L. Lemont, 5th Maine Volunteers


Military History | Social History


Included in this PDF is Bean's transcript of the letter. A modern version has been uploaded for the benefit of the researcher.

As a side note, it seems that due to the tenor of this letter Samuel R. Lemont succumbed to his sickness and passed away between the time that Frank went home and this letter. However without further information this is only the archivist's theory.

Letter from Frank L. Lemont to J.S. Lemont, November 7, 1862