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Habib Dagher

Douglas Gardner

Graduate Student

Eric Cassidy

Undergraduate Student

Kyle Wentworth

Project Period

October 2000-September 2003

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Open-Access Report

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The satisfactory performance of wood-framed housing in a seismic or wind event requires a sufficiently strong, ductile, and energy-absorbing lateral force-resisting system. This project will focus on the development of optimized synthetic fiber-reinforced OSB panels to improve the disaster resistance of conventional wood-frame construction. The project research will employ response simulation, small-scale connection and durability testing, and full-scale shear wall testing. Various fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) systems will be investigated for reinforcing the OSB panels. Shear tests of individual nailed connections between FRP-reinforced and plain OSB panels and lumber framing will be conducted to determine monotonic and cyclic fastener load-slip relationships. In addition, full-scale monotonic and static structural tests of shear walls made with both FRP-reinforced and unreinforced OSB panels will be conducted to quantify the strength and ductility benefits achieved through selective panel reinforcement. We expect that the new fiber-reinforced OSB panels will be stonger, more ductile, and less sensitive to construction errors than conventional OSB or plywood.