Wireless System on a Chip for Leak Detection in Inflatable Structures

Ali Abedi, Principal Investigator; University of Maine, Orono
Mustafa Guvench, Co-Principal Investigator; University of Southern Maine

William Cy Wilson, NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA

Graduate Students
Joel Castro
Frederick Schwaner
Michael Schell
David Carlson


The project develops fast algorithms for automatic leak detection and localization of the space structures. Using the information from ultrasonic sensor. The leak ultrasonic sound is processed and information from the signal strength and the angle of arrival is used for leak localization. Further sensor observations are used in the proposed algorithms to refine and confirm the existence of the leak in noisy environments.

In parallel with the above work and led by Co-PI Dr. Guvench at the University of Southern Maine, MEMS based vibration and acceleration sensors and a wireless platform for testing them were developed. The wireless testing platform designed and built comprises a centrifugal force accelerator capable of creating acceleration forces up to 20g’s and a LabView automated control and measurement electronics wirelessly interfaced to our in-house designed MEMS sensor chips at U.S.M.