Additional Participants

Graduate Student

James Campbell

Undergraduate Student

Julius Henderson
Kara West
Sherief Farouk
Tristan Deane
Joshua Murphy

Research Experience for Undergraduates

Sara Doan

Project Period

August 1, 2007-July 31, 2009

Level of Access

Open-Access Report

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This project, acquiring a cluster to establish a scientific grid portal in Maine, aims to enable projects requiring large datasets. The work makes available to the wider community results such as widely-used whole-ice sheet models, tools for climate change research, prototype versions of object-based caching system (bundled with MPI-IO implementation developed at Argonne National Lab), the data management system, real-time animations, videos, etc. Additionally, the portal provides the larger community the compute power, storage capacity, and rendering engine to execute very high-resolution models, and receive animations and other visualized information in real time.

Broader Impact: The infrastructure enhances understanding of global issues and contributes in the development of educational tools for K-12 students. The scientific grid portal contributes in the dissemination of important scientific discoveries. The portal also provides a show-case for research being performed in the state.