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Partner Organization

Center for Remote Sensing Ice Sheets, University of Kansas

Project Period

September 1, 2009-August 31, 2013

Level of Access

Open-Access Report

Grant Number

4900 / 0909431

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The project's goals are:

  • To analyse radio echo sounding data acquired over the Greenland Ice Sheet by the University of Kansas / CReSIS team with the objective of discriminating between frozen and thawed conditions at the bed of the ice sheet.
  • To provide maps of the bed state, with the aim of making them available via the National Snow and Ice Data Centre.
  • To support ice sheet modelling activities by providing information on the bed state, thus related to the temperature at the bed and the rheological conditions at the bed.
  • To make available to educational establishments information on the relevance and significance of the state of the major ice sheets and the Greenland Ice Sheet in particular

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