Additional Participants

Graduate Student

Timothy Riordan, Jr.

Undergraduate Student

Kirsten Tomlinson
Jennifer Jackson

Other Collaborators or Contacts

Paul Rawson, associate professor, School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine

Project Period

July 15, 1999-December 31, 2001

Level of Access

Open-Access Report

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Submission Date



This proposal was submitted to the NSF-wide Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education (POWRE) program. The PI proposes to begin research on the sensory mechanisms coordinating chemoreception in spionid polychaetes, a common deposit-feeding invertebrate. These worms are widely distributed in soft-sediment benthic marine environments and, along with other deposit-feeders, are responsible for the bioturbation that is important to this environment. Some evidence indicates that chemoreception may coordinate sediment ingestion rate and other aspects of deposit-feeding in a variety of species. The proposed research will attempt to identify some of the physiological and molecular mechanisms used by the worms to detect chemical stimuli.