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Rodger C. Evans,
Timothy A. Dickinson
Jenny Smedmark
T. Eriksson
Shane Sims
Margaret Cox
Matthew Arsenault

Project Period

October 1, 1998- September 30, 2001

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This project will investigate the evolutionary relationships within the large and important rose family. This group of plants contains numerous commercially valuable fruits (apples, pears, strawberries, cherries, peaches, plums, blackberries, and raspberries) and many horticulturally significant plants (roses, cotoneaster, lady's mantle, bridle-wreath, flowering quince, fire-thorn, cinqfoil, and others). Despite the large and important role that these plants play in our daily lives and scientific interest, we do not have a clear view of the evolutionary relationships of members of the family. A primary reason for this situation is that insufficient evidence has been accumulated to adequately address the problem. A primary aim of Dr. Campbell's project is to gather DNA sequence data to provide a reliable chronicle of evolutionary history in this group. These data will be compared with structural, chemical, and other data that have been accumulated by Dr. Campbell and other researchers to create an overall picture of evolutionary relationships in the family. Such knowledge will establish a framework for studies of key groups within the family, provide insights into the evolution of interesting features in the family (such as the fruits), and contribute to our overall understanding or plant evolution.