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United States Geological Survey The USGS provide financial support to help defray the cost of the invited speaker's travel.
USDA Forest Service - Northeastern Forest Experiment Station The USDA Forest Service Northern Global Change Program provided financial assistance to help defray the cost of travel for the invited speakers.
Environmental Defense Fund The Environmental Defense Fund provided financial assistance to help defray the cost of travel for the invited speakers.
Soil Science Society of America The Soil Science Society of America provided both financial support and also provided the facility in which the 2-day symposium was held.

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August 15, 1997-July 31, 1998

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The potential disruption of global C cycles by human activity in both developed and developing counties is one of the key environmental issues facing human populations as we move into the 21st century. Deforestation of tropical rainforests, changes in land-use, and continued burning of fossil fuels have resulted in an unprecedented increase in atmospheric CO2 concentrations over the last half century. This has raised concerns about potential global warming and climate change, and consequences for further disruptions of the global C cycle. Soil respiration, which represents the combined respiration of roots and soil micro- and macro- biota, represents one of the major pathways of flux in the global C cycle. Thus, a slight increase in soil respiration could significantly exacerbate atmospheric CO2 increases with consequent positive feedback to global climate change, whereas a decrease could offset further anthropogenic CO2 emissions. As such, it is imperative that a better understanding of the factors that control soil respiration is gained and that include consideration of soil carbon storage and flux in discussions of emissions trading and greenhouse gas mitigation efforts is included. In order to define the current state-or-knowledge on soil respiration, provide insight on critical directions for future research, and enhance scientific input to environmental decision-making, this project will assist in the implementation of a Symposium entitled: "Controls on Soil Respiration: Implications for Climate Change" which will be held at the annual meetings of the Soil Science Society of America in Anaheim, CA, October 27-28, 1997.

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