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Middlebury College

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June 2002-July 2006

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Understanding of orogenesis and its relations to mantle convection and plate tectonics relies on integrated studies of the interrelations among processes of deformation, metamorphism and magmatism. A well preserved portion of the northern Appalachian orogen is providing an outstanding laboratory for a truly integrative study of the evolution of mid-crustal processes that strongly influence orogenesis. This project is employing structural, microstructural, petrologic and thermobarometric analyses, and chemical and isotopic dating, to temporally and spatially link deformation, metamorphism and magmatism during the progressive growth of this orogenic belt. This information is being used to set constraints and boundary conditions on coupled, 3-D thermal/mechanical models that, in tandem with the geological observations, are being used used to gain insights into the orogen's evolution and associated plate dynamics.

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