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Haiyan Lu
Renante Yson

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Zhonghua Guo
Xiaobo Li
Robert Gomez
Velladri Palla
Julie Colis
Brian Schaefer

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Aaron Nicholas
David Welch
Kendra Look
Jason Bolton
Michael Clay
Chris Richards
Jodi Wyman

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Harvard University
University of Southern Maine
University of New England
University of North Texas
Simon Fraser University
University of Grottingen
Franklin and Marshall College

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August 1, 2003-July 31, 2008

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Howard Patterson, University of Maine, is supported by the Inorganic, Bioinorganic and Organometallic Chemistry Program for photochemical studies of metal-metal bonded excimers and exciplexes. In solution or in the solid state, dicyanoaurate(I) and dicyanoargentate(I) ions oligomerize. The oligomers show complex photochemistry, including luminescence caused by metallophilic interactions. These systems can be tuned over 18,000 wavenumbers by doping or by adding various donor ions. This research project will look in detail at lifetime and time-resolved studies, vibrational analysis by Raman scattering and infrared, structural studies by x-ray and neutron diffraction, and theoretical analyses. The research will provide insight into metallophilic interactions and inorganic luminescent exciplexes.

Inorganic complexes with this unusual photochemical behavior can be used to build solid state photonic systems. There are also applications in sensors and clinical assays using luminescence detection. Students will be trained in a variety of instruments and techniques that will be important in nanoscale science and engineering.

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