Additional Participants

Graduate Student

Kevin T. Du Clos

Non-student Research Assistant

Katelyn Hunt

Project Period

June 1, 2009-September 30, 2013

Level of Access

Open-Access Report

Grant Number

4900 / 0851172

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The major goals of the project are to gain a comprehensive understanding of polychaete chemosensory behaviors below the sediment-water interface and to understand how burrowing displaces sediment grains.

A method and apparatus for investigating subsurface properties of sediment, soil, snow, food stuff and other soft materials incorporates a probe head, preferably in the form of a coil spring that functions as a screw thread, which moves into the soil, snow, sediment, food stuff or other soft material, isolates a column of the material and applies tension to that column while measuring the applied force with a force sensor.

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