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April 1, 2003-March 31, 2007

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The Maine EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement award is designed to enhance Maine's competitiveness in molecular biophysical sciences through a partnership between the University of Maine and Maine's non-profit research organizations. The proposed Biophysical Sciences Institute brings together University of Maine faculty in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and spatial engineering, with biomedical researchers at the Jackson Laboratory and Maine Medical Center Research Institute. Maine EPSCoR proposes to hire additional tenure-track faculty in the fields of biophysics and advanced optics, biochemistry, structural biology, applied mathematics, computer science, image analysis and visualization, and material science. The new and existing investigators will form research teams to develop new measurement techniques, new sensors, and innovative approaches to data processing and interpretation in intracellular structures and dynamics, functional materials as a means to manipulate cellular reactions, and biocomputing. In addition to establishing the institute, Maine EPSCoR will integrate research and education through improvements to graduate training.

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