Additional Participants

Senior Personnel

Anthony Stefanidis
Bertram Ludaescher
Ilya Zaslavsky
Leslie Miller
Hal Stern
Taps Maiti
Ranjan Maitra
Amarnath Gupta
Reza Wahadj
Ashraf Memon


Thomas Windholz
Peter Doucette
Arie Croitoru

Graduate Student

Roger Bharath
Rajiv Bharadwaj
Fengmei Liu
Courtney Kies
Jennifer Czuprynski
Pushpal Mukhopadhyay
Vijay Venkataraman
Isolde Schlaisich
Ben Skalland
Jing Ding
Giorgos Mountrakis
Joshua King
Vivek Manpuria
Dmitry Pekurosvky
Kristin Eickhorst

Organizational Partners

National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis
U.S. Geological Survey
NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center

Project Period

September 1, 2001-August 31, 2006

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Open-Access Report

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The objective of this project is to advance science in information management, focusing in particular on geospatial information. It addresses the development of concepts, algorithms, and system architectures to enable users on a grid to query, analyze, and contribute to multivariate, quality-aware geospatial information. The approach consists of three complementary research areas: (1) establishing a statistical framework for assessing geospatial data quality; (2) developing uncertainty-based query processing capabilities; and (3) supporting the development of space- and accuracy-aware adaptive systems for geospatial datasets. The results of this project will support the extension of the concept of the computational grid to facilitate ubiquitous access, interaction, and contributions of quality-aware next generation geospatial information. By developing novel query processes as well as quality and similarity metrics the project aims to enable the integration and use of large collections of disperse information of varying quality and accuracy. This supports the evolution of a novel geocomputational paradigm, moving away from current standards-driven approaches to an inclusive, adaptive system, with example potential applications in mobile computing, bioinformatics, and geographic information systems. This experimental research is linked to educational activities in three different academic programs among the three participating sites. The outreach activities of this project include collaboration with U.S. federal agencies involved in geospatial data collection, an international partner (Brazil's National Institute for Space Research), and the organization of a 2-day workshop with the participation of U.S. and international experts.

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