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Karl Kreutz
Eric Meyerson

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Kelly Bridges
Erin Darrow
Erin Stanisewski
Sarah Story
Colleen Lynch
Andrew Dawson
Jeremy Smith
Alexander Sirois

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Hui Duan
Andrew Lorrey
Daryl Friedman

Organizational Partners

University of Nevada Desert Research Institute
University of Colorado at Boulder
Princeton University
CRREL University of Washington
Penn State University

Project Period

July 1, 2000-April 30, 2002

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Open-Access Report

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Our project focuses on the analysis and interpretation of major ions and methanesulfonate (in conjunction with the Univ. of Miami) from a deep ice core at Siple Dome, Antarctica. In addition, this study investigates the regional glaciochemical variability on Siple Dome, continuing work begun during the 1994 field season. The first field season for this project was conducted during the 1996/97 austral season. Because this project closely follows work begun in 1994, selected glaciochemical results from 1994 are presented, along with reports that detail Siple Dome research to present.

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