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From the introduction by Edward D. "Sandy" Ives: "The twenty-one songs printed in this little volume are a representative sample of the songs I collected on Prince Edward Island during the summers of 1957, 1958, and 1963. ... As a matter of fact, I wasn't even "collecting songs" in the usual sense of that term; I was very specifically looking for songs by Larry Gorman and for biographical. Information about him, and when L wasn't asking about Larry Gorman I was asking about Joe Scott. Thus the present collection is neither the result of my general acquaintance with the traditions of the whole Island nor of intensive research in a limited area. It is made up mostly of the songs people sang me while I was looking for something else."

Table of Contents:

Edmund Doucette, Miminegash

  • John Ladner
  • Johnny Doyle
  • The Old Beggar Man (Hind Horn)
  • Dan Curry
  • Pretty Susan, the Pride of Kildare
  • The Ghostly Fishermen
  • Mantle So Green
  • The Shepherd

Joseph Doucette, Miminegash

  • The Miramichi Fire
  • The Lost Babes of Halifax

Mary Cousins, Campbellton

  • The Millman and Tuplin Song
  • Uncle Dan

Charles Gorman, Burton

  • Drive Dull Care Away
  • The Banks of the Little Eau Pleine

Angus Enman, Spring Hill

  • Benjamin Deane
  • When the Battle It Was Won

Wesley Smith, Victoria West

  • Guy Reed
  • The Lumberman in Town
  • The Maid of the Mountain Brow
  • The Silvery Tide
  • There Was an Old Woman in Our Town

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The Northeast Folklore Society, Department of English, University of Maine




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Northeast Folklore volume 5: Twenty-One Folksongs From Prince Edward Island