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The third issue of Northeast Folklore was published in the spring of 1959 under the editorship of Edward D. Ives (known as Sandy) and Bacil F. Kirtley through the Department of English at the University of Maine. The four editions that year were later bound into a single volume.

Table of Contents:

Number 1 (Spring):

The Legend of Molly Ockett by Joseph A. Perham

A Penobscot Indian Story of Colonial Maine by Nicholas N. Smith

The Maid of Tide Head

Notes and Queries

Book Review
Bluenose Ghosts (Creighton) by Horace P. Beck

Number 2 (Summer):

Bibliography of New England-Maritimes Folklore

Marble-Playing in Lewiston Fifty Years Ago by J. W. Ashton

Counting Out Rhymes from Shelburne County, Nova Scotia by Mrs. Donald Robertson

Notes and Queries

Number 3-4 (Fall/Winter):

A Newfoundland Vocabulary by Bernard H. Porter

A Sampling of Stories From the Area of Machias, Maine by George K. Smith, Jr.

A Tremendous Pass in the North by Robert E. Pike

Notes and Queries

Publication Date



The Northeast Folklore Society, Department of English, University of Maine




Northeast Folklore, Maine Folklife Center, Machias, Maine, Newfoundland, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, Lewiston, New England, Maritimes, The Maid of Tide Head, Penobscot, Molly Ockett, Legend


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Northeast Folklore volume 3 numbers 1-4