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NA2596 David Mallett, David Ingraham, Charlie Nevells, Larry Kaplan, Edward D. "Sandy" Ives, Kendall Morse, Margaret MacArthur, Norman Kennedy, Louis and Sally Killen, Yodelin' Slim Clark, Charlotte Cormier, Sparky Rucker, Sandy and Caroline Paton, Hazel Dickens, Tim Woodbridge, Joe Hickerson, Debby McClatchy, Gordon Bok, Sean Corcoran, Bill Shute and Lisa Null, by Maine Folklife Center, February, 1977, Orono, Maine. Recordings of a folk music concert program called "Folksongs in February" held at the University of Maine in February, 1977. Accession includes 8 black & white contact sheets of 35 mm photos of the performances. Text: 36 pp. index and copies of photos. NOTE: While most of the collection is digitized, there are 14 cassette tapes that have yet to be digitized.

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Folk Music, Folk Songs, English Folk Songs, Work Songs, Afro-American Music, Anglo-American Music


Folklore | History | Music

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1 item

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February 11, 1977 - February 12, 1977

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As of February 3, 2021, Fogler Library Special Collections will refrain from publicly posting all Wabanaki related materials in the Northeast Archives of Folklore and Oral History collection until we have input from the Penobscot Nation, based on the Memorandum of Understanding Between the Penobscot Nation and the University of Maine System, University of Maine (Orono).

This restriction applies to the following recordings in this collection: mfc_na2596_cd0407_12, mfc_na2596_cd0407_13, and mfc_na2596_cd0407_16.

MF111 Folksong in February Collection